Dry Falls

Oh, the irony of the name! Dry Falls is located in Highlands, North Carolina. The parking area is on the smaller side so I'd definitely recommend getting there early or on a less traveled day. A short walk down some stairs leads you to the waterfall, where you can walk behind the falls. Plan on… Continue reading Dry Falls


Bridal Veil Falls

Located in Highlands, NC, Bridal Veil Falls is a breathtaking waterfall you can pull right off on the side of the road to see. There is a parking area and also a walkway that allows you to take a stroll behind the waterfall. We visited here when I was 12 years old, and it made… Continue reading Bridal Veil Falls


Beech Bluff Trail

Back in June we visited Lake Hartwell State Park to hike the Beech Bluff Trail. It was a beautiful sunny day and we were ready for an adventure that was close to home! Double stroller in tow, we hit the trail only to realize yet again...we should've brought the baby carriers... After walking for a… Continue reading Beech Bluff Trail


Devils Fork State Park

When the world shut down at the start of the pandemic, so did our state parks here in South Carolina. Being new to the state we were so eager to get out and explore, but of course understood the severity of the situation and waited patiently. You can bet as soon as they opened in… Continue reading Devils Fork State Park


Mud Creek Falls

After our stop at Sky Valley, we continued on to Mud Creek Falls. Our GPS was not very helpful in finding this waterfall! It is located inside of a golf course so at first we felt a little lost. However there are signs (which we noticed after driving around for bit) to point you in… Continue reading Mud Creek Falls


Sky Valley

Since we've moved, we've taken up a new hobby on the weekends of just driving in any direction and seeing where it takes us. The county we live in borders both North Carolina and Georgia, so there is no shortage of places to go! Back in July one of our endeavors led us to Sky… Continue reading Sky Valley

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Ocean Blue

During our very first cruise together on the lovely Lady Liberty (of the seas 😊)

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Getting There!

2 months & 1 day. We'll see you soon Puerto Rico! It's getting so cold, we're looking forward to that warm ocean 🙂