October in Michigan

Last week we had the pleasure of FINALLY being able to visit my parents and our friends back in Michigan after moving 8 months ago. It was an absolute blast, and my heart is so full after getting to spend some much needed quality time with everyone. Last year my little ones were much too… Continue reading October in Michigan

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Family Fun Day

Today we spent a nice afternoon with my parents. My dad BBQ'D some delicious ribs. For dessert, my mom bought an angel food cake, which we topped with berries and cool whip 🙂 My parents recently bought a dart board. The best part about it insults you when you play badly! HA! Logan and… Continue reading Family Fun Day

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Saturday Shenanigans

Yesterday was an absolute blast! A park near my parents house hosted a first annual art & music fest, so of course we had to check it out. The park is within walking distance which was good, the amount of naughty foods that were consumed needed to get worked off 🙂 We mostly hung out… Continue reading Saturday Shenanigans

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National Dog Day

A year before I was born, my parents bought a cute little lab/dalmatian mix puppy named Mandy. After I was brought home from the hospital, the dog never left my side. Licking my face every time I cried, sleeping under my crib, and always in the same room as me. Mandy was more than just… Continue reading National Dog Day

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Travel Thursday: Topsail Island, North Carolina

Topsail Island has a very special place in my heart. Since I was in diapers, I visited there every summer. My whole family would meet up and stay in a house right on the beach. The memories are always something I can think of and immediately put a big smile on my face. Last September,… Continue reading Travel Thursday: Topsail Island, North Carolina

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Low Sugar Strawberry Trifle

Happy Easter weekend! No sign of snow (thankfully) and we are staying above freezing as of now! Looks like Spring is here to stay. Easter is a time to spend with family and indulge a little more than usual. If you're like me and trying to cut back on sugar, this dessert is perfect for… Continue reading Low Sugar Strawberry Trifle

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Who Rescued Who?

Walter "Heisenberg" White, the kitty version. My faithful snuggle companion and feline fur child.  Rescuing you has brought much joy into our household. The shelter estimated your birth to be sometime in April, so happy first birthday, catmando! "A true friend leaves paw prints on your heart."